A Grateful Heart, A Grateful Life

A grateful heart starts with being thankful for all the many blessings (big or very small) you have in your life, as well as the ones yet to come.

It means to stay in a place of inner calm and content with your life as it is and to appreciate everyone and everything around you each and every day.

A grateful heart is also about having the courage to keep moving forward in your struggling journey in order to learn something at the end of it. Whether it be that your have gained more peace about things or that you need to cut out some things in your life that don’t have a place in it. The lessons that you may learn at the end of your struggles come in all shapes and sizes because every experience and every person can be your teacher, you just have to be willing to learn.

Gratitude is a step in the right direction towards real happiness and joy. To wake up early every day, with a smile on your face, greeting it with vibrant thankful energy and excitement to start your day. For every day, has so many wonderful moments that could take your breath away and leave you in a breathless state of awe.

I believe this kind of being can only happen when you just allow your self to be present. A grateful heart is looking and seeing with your heart (unconditionally) and to cultivate pure bliss to everyone you connect with, so that they may have a blessed day, too.

One last thing about having a grateful heart is that, a grateful heart does not rush through life as if it is a race, but it slows down to be present in each moment, without judging it and to accept it for what it is.

A life with a grateful heart is a life full of experiences and real happiness.


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