Grateful for the Grief Process


This may sound like a bad thing, to be grateful for going through grief, but it can actually be a very healing experience.

I am thankful for the journey of grief I went through when my mother passed away from cancer. I wrestled with many emotions, and cried uncontrollably for many long nights.

It was not easy because it took about a year to come to terms with the fact that my mother has passed on. Once I accepted this, the real healing began, when my sleepless nights of sobbing, turned into thinking of the good memories we shared and how she was always there for me in her own wonderful way. This made me feel a whole lot better, but what helped most of all, was the fact that she was in a better place and no longer had to suffer.

I talked to my family about her and learned many things about my mother I have in common with her, apparently, we have the very same laugh and like to talk long walks for relaxation. We both like to read, cook, bake and just enjoy life as it is meant to be.

Having gone through sadness, denial, anger, acceptance and finally healing, I found out that something beautiful come come out of even the worst of things if you take the time to feel your emotions and heal from them.

The feeling of healing from your hurting emotions is such an awesome feeling, but it does not come easy, you have to be willing to work on your emotions and work on them until you feel lifted from your pain.


It may take a long time to heal and don’t listen to people that tell you to get over it because you need to take however long you need to work through strong emotions and grief processes. I don’t think there is a time limit on how long people take to heal, so take the time you need and you will eventually heal from this.



2 thoughts on “Grateful for the Grief Process

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  1. I think there will always be some grief while missing my Mom.. Not the heavy lost feeling or too many regrets ( I’m fortunate we were able to spend quality time for many years)
    When she is on my mind, the missing her now, is for an undetermined time, until all God’s children are called home.. In the meantime there are many smiles in memories, comfort in making a cup of her special hot tea, that is as close as I can get to it, gratitude for her not to be worried about how much crazier the world has gotten since she passed on..
    Sad that she hasn’t been there to share in the changes in my life since then.. But considering it all, I don’t question why God took her when he did.. And that’s rare for me..

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