Read This When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough



I have come up with the idea of writing “read this when” letters instead of “open when letters” to help people that may be struggling with something in their lives. This one is about helping people feel like their are enough and to never ever doubt that! Let your light shine and open your heart to the wonderful life in front of you.
Dear Reader:
Remember that when you feel like you’re not enough, you were never a mistake and you were born to shine your own light. You have so many amazing things about yourself that you need to see.
Everyone in this world is unique and different and that is what makes them special. The different abilities, strengths, personalities and talents (no matter how small), make people who they are.
You are not defined by how you look, but more so by what is really inside your heart and how your project it out into the world.
You are enough. Enough is not about being perfect, enough is about trying your best and being yourself, no matter what.
You are loved and cared about very much.
You are beautiful in every way inside and out. What has happened to you in life so far, does not define who you are, nor does the things you have gone through.
You are going to make it in this world and be the most awesome person ever, never doubt yourself and what you can do to make this world a better place.
Always believe in yourself and remember the good things. Remember your successes and the moments that take your breathe away.
Life is no as hard as you are making in out to be. Just keep moving forward and you will do amazing things in your life time.
You are able enough to get through the most hardest times in life and come out stronger when the enduring is over.
Your inner strength radiates with positive, loving energy everywhere you go, in whatever you do.
Always shine your own light and never let anyone bring you down.
You have the confidence and all the resources, skills and tool to achieve every single one of your dreams.
You have unlimited potential.
You are a good person.
You have all the help and support you need from those around you.
Most importantly you are smart enough, courageous enough, and pretty enough. You are enough for anything you want to have in life.
You are awesome, you are enough!
Here are some links to video that may boost your confidence:
Have an awesome day! 🙂



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