Courage To Love The Authentic You


What do you do when your mind keeps telling you so many awful things about you and when memories negative words keep you from living in the moment?
You must start by being grateful for yourself, and love yourself. which by the way is not a selfish thing to do, but a very healthy thing to do to promote your overall well-being.
First, say something to yourself that you like about your body, even if it sounds silly to you, no one will hear you anyways. You could say things like, “I like the colour of my eyes, the colour of my hair or even “I like the way my feet look” (keep it simple). Don’t listen to those negative thoughts in your mind, that is just your ego talking trying to bring you down, don’t let it. Stick to positive thoughts.
Next, is a harder one to do and may take a few days to do, but you can do it.Try looking at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “my body is beautiful just the way it is and it is the perfect shape for me.” Then say to yourself, it does not matter at all what people say about my body because I like my body just the way it is.” Keep doing this until you believe it to be true.
Next, think about something you did well (even if not perfect) in your life so far. This could be anything from “I like the way I handled myself at the grocery store today” to I like the way I spoke kindly to so and so today.” The main goal is to think about your past successes and what you did well. This will build more self-confidence.
Now, think about some of the positive things people say to you (and believe them), such as, “I like your shirt” or “I like the way you did your hair today.” Just try to be kind to people and give them a compliment. Who knows, you may even makes there day!
Lastly, think of the people in your life you are most grateful for in your life and why they make you feel that way. If there is only one person that you are grateful for that is okay too. The main point of this is to recognize the people who make you feel good about yourself and why.
When you have gathered all of this information about yourself, It would be a good idea to summarize it in your journal or on a piece of paper. Read this paper to yourself every day and you may start to have a better perspective on things.
You can be grateful for yourself and love yourself no matter how many things you like big or small or even silly things. Just don’t go back into negative thinking about yourself. Always stay positive no matter what life throws at you, it is not as hard as it may seem.
Go out there and be yourself, who cares what people think, everyone is unique and awesome in their own way.
Love yourself for who you really are flaws and all. We all have our gifts and talents that we should share with others.
If you still don’t have the courage to love yourself, I recommend reading my post called: “Read This When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough.”


 Keep your head  held high and your heart open.
Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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