Expressions of Gratitude in the Odinary

Sometimes, we probably all find it hard to be grateful when things don’t  go our way or we have to wait a long time for something, or even when things don’t happen at a certain time. So, I have come up with a list of ways to help people (myself including) how to be more grateful when our days are stressful.
Here is is:
When they mess up your order at the drive-thru: Be grateful that you have money to buy food and that you have food to eat.
Long lines at Tim Hortons: Be grateful that you now have an excuse not to rush around. You never know, the person ahead of you might even pay for your coffee. How cool would that be?
Busy grocery stores and shopping malls: Be grateful that there are many people around because there are great sales and bargains on right now that will help you save money.
When you have to go outside to shovel snow from a heavy snowfall: Be grateful that you are getting some exercise and keeping yourself healthy. Also, be grateful that when you need to take the car out, your driveway will be clear.
When you have to do the laundry and Iron the clothes: Be grateful that you will have clean, fresh smelling clothes for you are your family to wear and not dirty old stinky ones.
When you have to take the garbage and recycling out: Be grateful that you will have a clean nice smelling home, free from gross stenches and creepy things.
When you have to go to the Doctor’s office: Be grateful for the fact that the doctor checks you to make sure you are heathy. And also, Be grateful for the fact that you are looking after yourself in the best possible way. To be grateful in the waiting room, think about the fact that you get time to sit down, relax and maybe even read a good book or magazine.
When you have to listen to noisy kids all day: Be grateful that they are happy, having fun and enjoying life. Maybe you should go join them?
When you have to pay your bills: Be grateful that you have the money to be able to provide a safe and loving place to live.
 When you are put on hold by the person on the other line: Be grateful that  they put you on hold in oder to gather important information and to figure out how to help you in the best possible way.
When you have to wait a long time for food delivery: Be grateful that when you finally do get your food, it will be hot, good tasting and worth the wait.
When you have to File Tax Returns: Be grateful that by doing this, you may get some money back, which is so worth it,  no matter how long it takes.
So, now we can all try to be more grateful, while doing things we may not want to do.  I hope you will try some of these things, as I will too.
Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! 🙂



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