Lessons I’ve Learned in Life So Far

People that make you angry are teaching you patience and forgiveness.
When you make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn.
Problems are mostly created by how we choose to think or feel about something.
Your past does not define who you are as a person.
When you love yourself, people love you more abundantly.
Courage means to do something you are afraid of with the fear, all the way through.
The past have no power over me anymore.
True happiness is something that money or status cannot buy, it comes from inside your heart.
Treat everyone with kindness and respect. You don’t know their story, or what they’ve been through.
There really are rainbows after even the hardest of storms.
Don’t try to change what you cannot change. This is where inner peace begins.
Every day, you always learn something new and interesting.
To be rich in life means to have good family and friends, moments and experiences.
Time really does heal all wounds.
Negative thoughts are not real because the don’t come from a place of love.
The are so many good benefits to exercise and healthy eating.
Don’t worry about what people think, you are your own person.
Who cares what people think, we are all unique and different anyways.
Slow down and savour each moment of the day, with all of your awareness.
Procrastination is not they key to success. Do a little bit of a task every day.
Breaking tasks into smaller chunks makes things so much easier.
It is okay to not always have the answer.
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a strength because you have the courage to admit that you need the help.
An important inner strength is to stay calm when all you want to do is get upset.
It is not weird to do things different that everyone else, It means you are being yourself.
Life is a process and a journey, not a race! Too many people are in a rush today.
Getting stressed out or angry about something only makes things worse and you cannot think clearly, or respond to something with love.
We can actually change the way we feel by first changing the way we think about something.



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