Letter To My Inner Child

Sometimes It can be a very grateful experience to write a letter to your younger self, or your inner child as a way to heal the negative emotions of the past. It can also help you to forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. here is my letter:
 free from past
 To My Inner Child;
 I am so sorry for calling you hurtful names and for allowing you to worry about so many things, that are not worth it. I am sorry for hiding you in the darkness of fear of judgement and for not giving you chances and opportunities in life to do something great in your life.
I regret putting you into situations that left your heart really broken and let your tears flow for hours. I am truly sorry for not believing in your talents, strengths and abilities and that you could do something good with them. I deeply apologize for letting the past haunt you for so many years and also, for not seeking help and emotional healing sooner.
I do, however, want to thank you for all of the ways you have been strong and optimistic, for never giving up in the face of adversity and always hoping for a better tomorrow.
I forgive you, for some of the things you did wrong, and to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for most of the things you got right. You are stronger than you think and I am so proud of you, for what you are doing with your life now to make it an awesome journey for you!
You have some such a long way! I know that you will succeed in anything and everything you set out your heart to do, even if it is learning something from it.
I promise you, that from this day forward, to never worry about anything and to let the light shine in your heart, no matter what anyone thinks. I promise to give you opportunities for a good future, to give you healthy foods to nourish you, to give you spiritual food to help your mind and to relax in knowing that everything is going to be okay.
Thank you now, for putting my in a good place in my life now and surrounding me with the most loving people on earth, who guide me, strengthen me and love my unconditionally. I also, thank you for your perseverance, resilience and work that it took for you to get this far! I You are finally becoming the confident woman that you want to be, I am so very proud of you
Next time, you start thinking negativity and worry about things, remember all you’ve done to get here, the things and people in your life, but most of all, never ever forget who you are in your higher power, because without it, it would have been harder to get where you are today.
Thanks be to your higher power, for working with you, giving you courage, strength and inner strength to become the loving, amazing woman that you really, truly are!
Love Always, Rebecca (myself)
This letter is such a good thing to write because it also show you how to love yourself and care for yourself, to let go of the past a continue moving forward.
Thanks so much for reading and have a great day! 🙂



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