My Best (Dog) Friend, Her Unconditional Love

I am so grateful to have this dog in my life. Usually, I am allergic to dogs, but not this one, that’s what makes her so special, the first dog I could actually get close too! What a blessing this is!
She is the most loving, caring, kind and affectionate dog in the world! She is so in tune with my emotions and feelings.
If I am having a bad day and crying, she will sense this and come right over to me, sit in my lap and lick my tears away! She just makes my heart melt in gratitude for her!
Having a dog, is like having a child because when they get sick, you get scared for them and don’t anything bad to happen to them. It is that emotional  connection that you develop over the years of devoting you time with them, that you care so much.
They can’t tell you with words to “I love you” So they show you with their actions and expressions!
Dogs are very affectionate and can teach us so much about life, like how to not stress about  thing and to just relax and love your life.
When you provide everything that a dog needs in order to stay healthy and happy, they in turn, give you the world in a more positive and brighter light.
If only, we could all see the world through the eyes and heart of a dog, I think there would be much more peace and happiness.

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