My Mother, My Guardian Angel

In special honour of my mother’s birthday today, I would like to share this poem about her. She was the type of person that made life more enjoyable and taught me that I must not worry, but enjoy my life every day. Here is my poem:

 She lived her life with close family and a few friends by her side.

Never did she ask for anything in return, she was an emotional support to many.

Her voice a kind and gentle sound, that would cheer up the darkest of hearts.

A heart and soul the provided comfort and warmth.

Full of love and compassion, she would never hurt a fly.

A hug that would brighten your day and make you strong.

She always treated everyone as an equal, not judging just loving.

A home full of life and happy times, always letting the sun shine in.

Coming out of her comfort zone, she began to connect with others.

People saw a generosity in her, that not to many have.

Praising her for efforts in times of struggle.

She never thought much of herself.

A mother who was humble in the most kindest way.

Going for to visit her, you were welcome with open arms.

Making sure you had everything you needed, keeping you safe.

Holding you close, never leaving your side,

even from Heaven above.

Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you much xoxo




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