My Story Through Courageous Healing

want to share my story with you, in hopes I will inspire you to  see that anyone can overcome their hardships in life. Yes, it can be very hard, but if you are willing to keep moving forward and learn along the way, the work you do will be healing to your heart and soul.
From the time I was very young, I was extremely shy and could not look anyone in the eye for fear of being judged and rejected. I spend a lot of years (too many years) walking around in fear of life, I was so afraid what people would think of me.
I tried many ways to be perfect, so that there was no way I would be left out. When that didn’t work I guess I slipped into a mini depression because I felt like something was wrong with me because nothing was working.
During this time in my life, I did not try to do too much, because I knew others were judging me and staring at me (I really felt like they were). I would never stand up for myself because I was the fixer of everyone else, I thought i didn’t deserve to do things for myself.
One day, when I was much older, I was just going about my day and thought to myself “I am tired of being shy and living in fear and I am going to do everything I can to change this.” I did not won’t to live this way anymore because I was missing out on all the amazing things that life had to offer me. That very same day, I researched what was available in my area to help me. Here is what I did to emotionally heal myself:
  • Self-help workbooks on anxiety and fear
  • Bi-weekly counselling appointments
  • Attended weekly Self-help groups
  • Workshops and help from an employment agency
  • Online emotional healing research
  • Read many self-help and psychology books
  • Had lots of support from family and friends
  • Attended a daily mindfulness course for 9 weeks
I did a lot, but it was not easy because I had a lot of built up anger and hurt from the past. I wrestled through so many hurting emotions until I understood what they meant and how to get rid of them. I did not even know where to begin. I stuck with it, no matter how hard it got because I was not going to give up on myself.
Gradually, this inner healing work got easier and more manageable. I started to let go of my hurt, which before, I did not know how. I then started to think about good things in life and forgiveness. I silently forgave people in my past that had ever done or said something that left a mark on my heart.
I then started to learn about gratitude and how changing my focus in life into a more positive one, would be the started to living life to the fullest.
more importantly, I  learned to love myself for who I am and now radiate with confidence and excitement for life.
I enjoy every single day and all its many awe-inspiring things, without cowering in fear or shyness.
I came out of my comfort zone, all because I never gave up on myself and those in my life, stood by me every step of the way.
Life is not really enjoy when you stay in your comfort zone, you need to be more open to living life and taking on (POSITIVE) opportunities without worrying about what people may judge you for.
Now, my life is very rich, not in material things, but in the things that matter. It is rich with so many lessons learned, unconditional love, every day gifts, lot of amazing opportunities and inspiring joy.
Let your life be forever rich in kindness and compassion for others. Let it be rich with meaningful conversations and wonderful moments that take you breathe away. Let it also be rich in that, every day is a learning experience as well as a journey.
No one is perfect or should ever strive to be, just be the most amazing self you could ever be and try to do your best in all that you do.




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