Social Detox Tips For Mindfulness


I am finding a lot of people talking about the stress of social media and what it can do to a person. Here is my list of things you could do to eliminate that stress and still be able to use your social media accounts with ease.
Delete those people who cause drama in your life. Now the only people you have on your social media accounts are the ones that fill your life with happiness.
Unfollow all your “likes” that do not spark joy in your life. Now, follow things and people that do spark joy in your life: for example: positive quotes, tiny buddha, trust your journey and positive topics you are interested in.
Delete or block those toxic people from contacting you. You don’t need those kind of people in your life.
Unsubscribe all those annoying emails you never read. Subscribe to things that fill will fill your email list with joy, not stress. Make sure to stay in touch with close family and friends.
Don’t rant and rave over social media about your negative situations. Instead, talk to people you can trust (in person or over the phone) about these things. If you really  need to talk to someone on social media, do it over a private message, not on your news feed. That way, that person and you  are the only ones that can see the conversation.
Only post decent photos of yourself and nothing too risky. You want to preserve your image not damage it. ( Just as a heads up> I’ve actually heard of hiring managers checking social for potential employees.)
You could do a social media cleanse, where you don’t go online for a day or however long you decide. When you go back to it, you may have a refreshed mind and a clearer head.
Bonus: Destress your computer by adding inspirational quotes as your screen saver.
Now, you have some tools to help you become less stressed
and more positive, while on social media.



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