The Role of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

This an excerpt of one of my research papers from college that I thought I would share.
Spirituality is they key to every human connection.
-Greene G. Nuyen T.D, 2012
Spirituality is about having a peaceful connection with yourself, others and your Higher Power (whichever your Higher Power may be), as well as nature and your personal well-being.
By being able to connect with your Higher Power, you develop a more positive perspective on what life means to you and how to live out your purpose on this earth. -In the Greek Language, according to the Pope, the word spiritual gives reference to the immortal soul which means the most real and true essence to human life (Greene G. Nuyen T.D, 2012).
Spirituality plays a very important role in addiction recovery because it looks at the fact that many people who use substances, -are trying to seek out a “spiritual experience” and try to make some sense of their lives (Greene G Nuyen T.D, 2012).
So, for those wanting to recovery from their addictions, it can be very important to implement the client’s personal spiritual beliefs into some aspect of the therapy process, in order to maintain “spiritual experiences”, without substances.
Spirituality in therapy can be helpful to teach people how to reduce stress, how to relax, healthier coping skills, and achieve some personal growth. Although, Spirituality can be quite different in each religion, I think it should only be implemented into the therapy process if their client is willing to do so. -Some people seek out experiential pathways between religious experiences such as worship, mystical experiences and the presence of god in their lives (Dyslin C.W, 2008).
Other “spiritual” experiences can include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Native healing ceremonies, women for Sobriety and many more.
-In addiction treatment, a faith in god, can soften the heart so that people can make positive changes in their lives, starting with from where they went wrong. It helps people thoroughly examine themselves and their conscious to understand themselves (Christopher W. Dyslin, 2008)
The role of spirituality in addiction recovery can take on many forms, and should be client-centred and not impose anything their client does not want in the therapeutic process. Different Spiritual practices can include mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques, prayer, nature, expressing gratitude and lots of others depending on one’s beliefs.
I think that spirituality is all about making a mindful effort to move in the right direction toward making your life worth living for.
Please note:
In reference to “god” I am meaning
any higher power that you belief in.



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