My Dad

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago about my father. He is such an inspiration to me because of all the struggles and painful hardships he has been through in his life. He still remains to be my rock and to everyone around him. He is devoted to helping others, no matter what the personal sacrifice may be.
 No Father is remarkable, and as brilliant as mine Is
To have gone through as much as he did and not resort to destructive living.

No other human being, could ever have the pleasure,
Of having an exceptional dad like you to share.
To have a dad who will teach, counsel, support and love the way you do.
No father and daughter could share the bond that is truly ours.

No dad, could ever overcome and sacrifice their heart,
To help others overcome their own battles and make the smile, like you do.
The way you care for people and cherish those times to remember.
To be as strong as you and never cry, but stand tall and face the world every day.

No dad could ever have your precious smile and your heart of gold.
Most would give up in all their sorrow and shame,
But, not you, you always keep on going,
For God is in your heart and you keep it close to you in all you do.

No dad could ever have as much peace or ever understand,
The true peace you have.
To always strive to be your best self,
And be there always for the ones you love the most.
No one could raise a daughter who is THIS proud of her dad.
No daughter would ever be as wonderfully blessed,
As your daughter is to have a special dad like you.
To have a daughter, who lives life fully, all because of his encouragement.And no dad could ever make her daughter, as happy as you have made me.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my poem about my dad. I hope it will teach you that, no matter what you go through, you can still be there for others. I find that doing this actually makes you feel better about yourself because your putting your energy into something positive. 🙂

 My dad is truly a humanitarian! Every day, he still goes through so much pain and cannot catch a break. I believe he should win an award for all the services he has provided for others, out if the kindness of his heart, never expecting anything in return.

Yes we’ve had our ups and downs in life but that’s only because we endured each others life struggles and came out of it stronger and more connected.


dad and me



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