Beauty Is Within the Centre of Your Heart

A beautiful person is one who shows kindness to strangers and thoughtfulness to those they know and love.
They make time for those that need them and shine with gratitude for life in their heart.
A beautiful person is one who does things for people without expecting anything in return because they do it from a place of love.
A beautiful person is one that has been through so much in life, made it through and became a kind human being that shines with much courage and confidence. their inner strength and healing shines in all they do.
A beautiful person is humble about what they do, but readily accepts compliments that most always come their way.
A beautiful person is one who is always learning and growing and always looking for ways to improve.
Beauty is not all about looks!
Real beauty comes from inside people’s hearts, that they share with the world. Inner beauty is not selfish, and it focuses on being there for others (although to be there for others, you must look after yourself too.)
Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! 🙂



Authentic Loving with Gratitude

But I give best when I give from that deeper place; when I give simply, freely and generously, and sometimes for no particular reason. I give best when I give from my heart.” 
― Steve Goodier
A list of simple things you can do for your loved ones to show them you care.
Small acts of kindness can go a long way. It’s the little things that matter that eventually turn into big things when appreciated.
 Make a hot cup of coffee or tea for them
Offer to do a chore for them
Encourage them to pursue their goals and dreams
Be interested in learning more about their interests and hobbies
Offers suggestions to help them improve their hobbies and interests


 Support them on both their good days and bad
Surprise them with a small inexpensive gift
Ask them about how their day was
Give a few hugs and kisses throughout the day
Text them a short loving message
Make them a special breakfast or dinner


 Spend time just talking to each other
Tell them you are grateful for them
Do not mention their faults or shortcomings
Hold their hand to show you care


 Make a homemade card
Write them a love letter
Talk to each other without anger
Tell them what you love about them
Praise them for their efforts, no matter how small
Put a picture of them in your wallet
Frame pictures of them and put them on your wall
Get them their favourite treat


Take them out for a nice dinner
Share adventures and travel experiences together
Buy them a bouquet of flowers
Ask them if their is anything they need when you go to the store


 Repair a (physical) wound for them ie: clean it up and put on a band-aid
Give them some alone time to engage in their hobbies/activities of interest
Do nice things for them, without being asked
Learn their likes and dislikes
Agree to Disagree


And… to love those close to you unconditionally, support them and encourage them.
Be their better half!
Life is a gift, which is lived to the fullest when you have that special someone to share it with.


My Story Through Courageous Healing

want to share my story with you, in hopes I will inspire you to  see that anyone can overcome their hardships in life. Yes, it can be very hard, but if you are willing to keep moving forward and learn along the way, the work you do will be healing to your heart and soul.
From the time I was very young, I was extremely shy and could not look anyone in the eye for fear of being judged and rejected. I spend a lot of years (too many years) walking around in fear of life, I was so afraid what people would think of me.
I tried many ways to be perfect, so that there was no way I would be left out. When that didn’t work I guess I slipped into a mini depression because I felt like something was wrong with me because nothing was working.
During this time in my life, I did not try to do too much, because I knew others were judging me and staring at me (I really felt like they were). I would never stand up for myself because I was the fixer of everyone else, I thought i didn’t deserve to do things for myself.
One day, when I was much older, I was just going about my day and thought to myself “I am tired of being shy and living in fear and I am going to do everything I can to change this.” I did not won’t to live this way anymore because I was missing out on all the amazing things that life had to offer me. That very same day, I researched what was available in my area to help me. Here is what I did to emotionally heal myself:
  • Self-help workbooks on anxiety and fear
  • Bi-weekly counselling appointments
  • Attended weekly Self-help groups
  • Workshops and help from an employment agency
  • Online emotional healing research
  • Read many self-help and psychology books
  • Had lots of support from family and friends
  • Attended a daily mindfulness course for 9 weeks
I did a lot, but it was not easy because I had a lot of built up anger and hurt from the past. I wrestled through so many hurting emotions until I understood what they meant and how to get rid of them. I did not even know where to begin. I stuck with it, no matter how hard it got because I was not going to give up on myself.
Gradually, this inner healing work got easier and more manageable. I started to let go of my hurt, which before, I did not know how. I then started to think about good things in life and forgiveness. I silently forgave people in my past that had ever done or said something that left a mark on my heart.
I then started to learn about gratitude and how changing my focus in life into a more positive one, would be the started to living life to the fullest.
more importantly, I  learned to love myself for who I am and now radiate with confidence and excitement for life.
I enjoy every single day and all its many awe-inspiring things, without cowering in fear or shyness.
I came out of my comfort zone, all because I never gave up on myself and those in my life, stood by me every step of the way.
Life is not really enjoy when you stay in your comfort zone, you need to be more open to living life and taking on (POSITIVE) opportunities without worrying about what people may judge you for.
Now, my life is very rich, not in material things, but in the things that matter. It is rich with so many lessons learned, unconditional love, every day gifts, lot of amazing opportunities and inspiring joy.
Let your life be forever rich in kindness and compassion for others. Let it be rich with meaningful conversations and wonderful moments that take you breathe away. Let it also be rich in that, every day is a learning experience as well as a journey.
No one is perfect or should ever strive to be, just be the most amazing self you could ever be and try to do your best in all that you do.



Expressions of Gratitude in the Odinary

Sometimes, we probably all find it hard to be grateful when things don’t  go our way or we have to wait a long time for something, or even when things don’t happen at a certain time. So, I have come up with a list of ways to help people (myself including) how to be more grateful when our days are stressful.
Here is is:
When they mess up your order at the drive-thru: Be grateful that you have money to buy food and that you have food to eat.
Long lines at Tim Hortons: Be grateful that you now have an excuse not to rush around. You never know, the person ahead of you might even pay for your coffee. How cool would that be?
Busy grocery stores and shopping malls: Be grateful that there are many people around because there are great sales and bargains on right now that will help you save money.
When you have to go outside to shovel snow from a heavy snowfall: Be grateful that you are getting some exercise and keeping yourself healthy. Also, be grateful that when you need to take the car out, your driveway will be clear.
When you have to do the laundry and Iron the clothes: Be grateful that you will have clean, fresh smelling clothes for you are your family to wear and not dirty old stinky ones.
When you have to take the garbage and recycling out: Be grateful that you will have a clean nice smelling home, free from gross stenches and creepy things.
When you have to go to the Doctor’s office: Be grateful for the fact that the doctor checks you to make sure you are heathy. And also, Be grateful for the fact that you are looking after yourself in the best possible way. To be grateful in the waiting room, think about the fact that you get time to sit down, relax and maybe even read a good book or magazine.
When you have to listen to noisy kids all day: Be grateful that they are happy, having fun and enjoying life. Maybe you should go join them?
When you have to pay your bills: Be grateful that you have the money to be able to provide a safe and loving place to live.
 When you are put on hold by the person on the other line: Be grateful that  they put you on hold in oder to gather important information and to figure out how to help you in the best possible way.
When you have to wait a long time for food delivery: Be grateful that when you finally do get your food, it will be hot, good tasting and worth the wait.
When you have to File Tax Returns: Be grateful that by doing this, you may get some money back, which is so worth it,  no matter how long it takes.
So, now we can all try to be more grateful, while doing things we may not want to do.  I hope you will try some of these things, as I will too.
Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! 🙂


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