Make the Most of Your Learning Disability While Studying




Here is a list of study tips, resources and tools to help you master your learning disability and earn great grades! Don’t let you disability get in the way of achieving your greatest dreams!

Eat brain food such as: avocados, blueberries, nuts and salmon.

Drink at least 1-2 glasses of water a day

Drink herbal tea for relaxation and to ease the mind

Exercise to stimulate the mind and increase creativity

Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day to feel well rested

Take lots of breaks after studying for a while, then go back to it. Such as studying for an hour, then taking a short break.

Do the practice quizzes and go to all review sessions, you could also search for practice quizzes online.

Use lots of visuals: Flashcards, mind maps, concept trees, make a visual collage, outlines

Organize everything: Schedule, Calendar, Syllabus, computer, notes, test and assignment dates, thoughts, study tools,, your home, chores, clothing, etc…

Take notes and highlight in a bright colour when reading your textbook to make reading more interesting

re-write all your notes in a pretty notebook and summarize what you learned

Research topics in your class on your own: watch ted talks, you tube videos and read extra articles and  books on the subject you are studying.

Don’t leave everything until the last minute! Do a little bit of each task every night, as well a studying, to erase the need to cram and do everything in one night.

Always ask for help the minute you don’t understand something

attend all writing workshops and the writing centre, get a tutor,

Find things that will spark your memory about the content you are learning

Ask your prof if you can use a formula sheet for all your tests, quizzes and exams

Write questions and answer them from your textbook, lecture, notes, etc.

Ask for test accommodations such as more time or another more quiet area to write the test


Things To Bring To Class:


pens, highlighters

a recording pen or some kind of recording device so you can record your prof and listen to the lecture later on.

A grounding item to reduce stress: a small stone, a special coin,

healthy snack, bottled water

computer and its charger

Websites (tools)  for Studying:

course hero

study blue


talk typer

bib me: (help with citations)

ref me: (help with references)

university webinars

open study for making flashcards

google scholar

study stack


 pockeet app: (to save online articles to read later  on)

mind map maker

slide share













Perfectionism is all about those negative thoughts we have built up in our minds that make us think we have to keep on doing things perfectly in order to reach the goals we set for ourselves. but, these “goals” we have are not healthy because we never stop to see reality and let our guard down.  This leave no room for growth, learning and inner peace.

To reduce perfectionism means to look at your unhealthy “beliefs” about yourself and notice in what areas in your life you are being unrealistic. “We are human not robots.”

Examples of unrealistic thinking:

  • I have to speak professionally when I talk to people
  • I cannot be late for my appointment
  • I absolutely must not make any mistakes
  • I have to do everything right

Examples of realistic thinking:

  • I do not need to meet anyone’s standards of how to speak
  • If I am late for my appointment, it is not the end of the world
  • I can make mistakes because I am learning
  • I do not have to do anything I don’t want to do

As you can see here, realistic thinking is a lot easier to take in. It makes us feel good about ourselves and relaxes our need to please everyone (which by the way is completely impossible).


I have a very hard time with perfectionism because I want to do a very good job in anything I do, which sounds reasonable, but I have set standards for myself that are way too high and I could not possible achieve that height.

I struggle with perfection because i used to think that to be liked, I need to do things in a perfect way to reduce all flaws. However, once I started my healing journey, I began to see that this is not realistic thinking. I would say that it is better to do you best, but not perfectly.


Striving do a perfect job in everything was really setting myself up for failure because when i did not live up to my own person standards, I would be angry with myself and trapped in my own unhealthy thinking.

This kind of living is rooted in past circumstances where we did not live up to someone’s expectations of us, but that really does not matter.

What matters is what we feel and think about ourselves and that we think of ourselves as courageous, loving, humble awesome human beings that we are meant to be. To live each day in every moment cultivating 3 things: Love, joy and peace.

What I am to do now, is looking at my values and beliefs and incorporate them into daily living because my values are about being human and not perfect. I am also working on changing my negative thoughts into more positive ones (which can take time, but so worth it).

For example:

  • I am not enough: I am always enough to do, be and have anything I want
  • I always stress out: I can control my emotions
  • People hurt me : I chose to let them hurt me and affect me
  • I am not strong enough: I am strong enough to do what I need to
  • People are always mad at me: I chose to think people are mad at me, which usually is not true.
  • I cannot remember anything: I remember positive things and can retain information easily.
  • I am not a good person: I am a good person based on true evidence and facts
  • I am too sensitive: I am an empath and deeply feel other’s emotions

And some other positive self-talk:

  • I am smart and beautiful
  • Everything works out for the higher good
  • There is peace and  love in my life
  • I get along very well with others


The more I do it the easer it gets, because with anything you can change the way your think and train your brain to respond more positively.


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My Dad

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago about my father. He is such an inspiration to me because of all the struggles and painful hardships he has been through in his life. He still remains to be my rock and to everyone around him. He is devoted to helping others, no matter what the personal sacrifice may be.
 No Father is remarkable, and as brilliant as mine Is
To have gone through as much as he did and not resort to destructive living.

No other human being, could ever have the pleasure,
Of having an exceptional dad like you to share.
To have a dad who will teach, counsel, support and love the way you do.
No father and daughter could share the bond that is truly ours.

No dad, could ever overcome and sacrifice their heart,
To help others overcome their own battles and make the smile, like you do.
The way you care for people and cherish those times to remember.
To be as strong as you and never cry, but stand tall and face the world every day.

No dad could ever have your precious smile and your heart of gold.
Most would give up in all their sorrow and shame,
But, not you, you always keep on going,
For God is in your heart and you keep it close to you in all you do.

No dad could ever have as much peace or ever understand,
The true peace you have.
To always strive to be your best self,
And be there always for the ones you love the most.
No one could raise a daughter who is THIS proud of her dad.
No daughter would ever be as wonderfully blessed,
As your daughter is to have a special dad like you.
To have a daughter, who lives life fully, all because of his encouragement.And no dad could ever make her daughter, as happy as you have made me.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my poem about my dad. I hope it will teach you that, no matter what you go through, you can still be there for others. I find that doing this actually makes you feel better about yourself because your putting your energy into something positive. 🙂

 My dad is truly a humanitarian! Every day, he still goes through so much pain and cannot catch a break. I believe he should win an award for all the services he has provided for others, out if the kindness of his heart, never expecting anything in return.

Yes we’ve had our ups and downs in life but that’s only because we endured each others life struggles and came out of it stronger and more connected.


dad and me


Social Detox Tips For Mindfulness


I am finding a lot of people talking about the stress of social media and what it can do to a person. Here is my list of things you could do to eliminate that stress and still be able to use your social media accounts with ease.
Delete those people who cause drama in your life. Now the only people you have on your social media accounts are the ones that fill your life with happiness.
Unfollow all your “likes” that do not spark joy in your life. Now, follow things and people that do spark joy in your life: for example: positive quotes, tiny buddha, trust your journey and positive topics you are interested in.
Delete or block those toxic people from contacting you. You don’t need those kind of people in your life.
Unsubscribe all those annoying emails you never read. Subscribe to things that fill will fill your email list with joy, not stress. Make sure to stay in touch with close family and friends.
Don’t rant and rave over social media about your negative situations. Instead, talk to people you can trust (in person or over the phone) about these things. If you really  need to talk to someone on social media, do it over a private message, not on your news feed. That way, that person and you  are the only ones that can see the conversation.
Only post decent photos of yourself and nothing too risky. You want to preserve your image not damage it. ( Just as a heads up> I’ve actually heard of hiring managers checking social for potential employees.)
You could do a social media cleanse, where you don’t go online for a day or however long you decide. When you go back to it, you may have a refreshed mind and a clearer head.
Bonus: Destress your computer by adding inspirational quotes as your screen saver.
Now, you have some tools to help you become less stressed
and more positive, while on social media.


My Mother, My Guardian Angel

In special honour of my mother’s birthday today, I would like to share this poem about her. She was the type of person that made life more enjoyable and taught me that I must not worry, but enjoy my life every day. Here is my poem:

 She lived her life with close family and a few friends by her side.

Never did she ask for anything in return, she was an emotional support to many.

Her voice a kind and gentle sound, that would cheer up the darkest of hearts.

A heart and soul the provided comfort and warmth.

Full of love and compassion, she would never hurt a fly.

A hug that would brighten your day and make you strong.

She always treated everyone as an equal, not judging just loving.

A home full of life and happy times, always letting the sun shine in.

Coming out of her comfort zone, she began to connect with others.

People saw a generosity in her, that not to many have.

Praising her for efforts in times of struggle.

She never thought much of herself.

A mother who was humble in the most kindest way.

Going for to visit her, you were welcome with open arms.

Making sure you had everything you needed, keeping you safe.

Holding you close, never leaving your side,

even from Heaven above.

Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you much xoxo



Lessons I’ve Learned in Life So Far

People that make you angry are teaching you patience and forgiveness.
When you make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn.
Problems are mostly created by how we choose to think or feel about something.
Your past does not define who you are as a person.
When you love yourself, people love you more abundantly.
Courage means to do something you are afraid of with the fear, all the way through.
The past have no power over me anymore.
True happiness is something that money or status cannot buy, it comes from inside your heart.
Treat everyone with kindness and respect. You don’t know their story, or what they’ve been through.
There really are rainbows after even the hardest of storms.
Don’t try to change what you cannot change. This is where inner peace begins.
Every day, you always learn something new and interesting.
To be rich in life means to have good family and friends, moments and experiences.
Time really does heal all wounds.
Negative thoughts are not real because the don’t come from a place of love.
The are so many good benefits to exercise and healthy eating.
Don’t worry about what people think, you are your own person.
Who cares what people think, we are all unique and different anyways.
Slow down and savour each moment of the day, with all of your awareness.
Procrastination is not they key to success. Do a little bit of a task every day.
Breaking tasks into smaller chunks makes things so much easier.
It is okay to not always have the answer.
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a strength because you have the courage to admit that you need the help.
An important inner strength is to stay calm when all you want to do is get upset.
It is not weird to do things different that everyone else, It means you are being yourself.
Life is a process and a journey, not a race! Too many people are in a rush today.
Getting stressed out or angry about something only makes things worse and you cannot think clearly, or respond to something with love.
We can actually change the way we feel by first changing the way we think about something.


Beauty Is Within the Centre of Your Heart

A beautiful person is one who shows kindness to strangers and thoughtfulness to those they know and love.
They make time for those that need them and shine with gratitude for life in their heart.
A beautiful person is one who does things for people without expecting anything in return because they do it from a place of love.
A beautiful person is one that has been through so much in life, made it through and became a kind human being that shines with much courage and confidence. their inner strength and healing shines in all they do.
A beautiful person is humble about what they do, but readily accepts compliments that most always come their way.
A beautiful person is one who is always learning and growing and always looking for ways to improve.
Beauty is not all about looks!
Real beauty comes from inside people’s hearts, that they share with the world. Inner beauty is not selfish, and it focuses on being there for others (although to be there for others, you must look after yourself too.)
Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! 🙂


The Role of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

This an excerpt of one of my research papers from college that I thought I would share.
Spirituality is they key to every human connection.
-Greene G. Nuyen T.D, 2012
Spirituality is about having a peaceful connection with yourself, others and your Higher Power (whichever your Higher Power may be), as well as nature and your personal well-being.
By being able to connect with your Higher Power, you develop a more positive perspective on what life means to you and how to live out your purpose on this earth. -In the Greek Language, according to the Pope, the word spiritual gives reference to the immortal soul which means the most real and true essence to human life (Greene G. Nuyen T.D, 2012).
Spirituality plays a very important role in addiction recovery because it looks at the fact that many people who use substances, -are trying to seek out a “spiritual experience” and try to make some sense of their lives (Greene G Nuyen T.D, 2012).
So, for those wanting to recovery from their addictions, it can be very important to implement the client’s personal spiritual beliefs into some aspect of the therapy process, in order to maintain “spiritual experiences”, without substances.
Spirituality in therapy can be helpful to teach people how to reduce stress, how to relax, healthier coping skills, and achieve some personal growth. Although, Spirituality can be quite different in each religion, I think it should only be implemented into the therapy process if their client is willing to do so. -Some people seek out experiential pathways between religious experiences such as worship, mystical experiences and the presence of god in their lives (Dyslin C.W, 2008).
Other “spiritual” experiences can include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Native healing ceremonies, women for Sobriety and many more.
-In addiction treatment, a faith in god, can soften the heart so that people can make positive changes in their lives, starting with from where they went wrong. It helps people thoroughly examine themselves and their conscious to understand themselves (Christopher W. Dyslin, 2008)
The role of spirituality in addiction recovery can take on many forms, and should be client-centred and not impose anything their client does not want in the therapeutic process. Different Spiritual practices can include mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques, prayer, nature, expressing gratitude and lots of others depending on one’s beliefs.
I think that spirituality is all about making a mindful effort to move in the right direction toward making your life worth living for.
Please note:
In reference to “god” I am meaning
any higher power that you belief in.


Read This When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough



I have come up with the idea of writing “read this when” letters instead of “open when letters” to help people that may be struggling with something in their lives. This one is about helping people feel like their are enough and to never ever doubt that! Let your light shine and open your heart to the wonderful life in front of you.
Dear Reader:
Remember that when you feel like you’re not enough, you were never a mistake and you were born to shine your own light. You have so many amazing things about yourself that you need to see.
Everyone in this world is unique and different and that is what makes them special. The different abilities, strengths, personalities and talents (no matter how small), make people who they are.
You are not defined by how you look, but more so by what is really inside your heart and how your project it out into the world.
You are enough. Enough is not about being perfect, enough is about trying your best and being yourself, no matter what.
You are loved and cared about very much.
You are beautiful in every way inside and out. What has happened to you in life so far, does not define who you are, nor does the things you have gone through.
You are going to make it in this world and be the most awesome person ever, never doubt yourself and what you can do to make this world a better place.
Always believe in yourself and remember the good things. Remember your successes and the moments that take your breathe away.
Life is no as hard as you are making in out to be. Just keep moving forward and you will do amazing things in your life time.
You are able enough to get through the most hardest times in life and come out stronger when the enduring is over.
Your inner strength radiates with positive, loving energy everywhere you go, in whatever you do.
Always shine your own light and never let anyone bring you down.
You have the confidence and all the resources, skills and tool to achieve every single one of your dreams.
You have unlimited potential.
You are a good person.
You have all the help and support you need from those around you.
Most importantly you are smart enough, courageous enough, and pretty enough. You are enough for anything you want to have in life.
You are awesome, you are enough!
Here are some links to video that may boost your confidence:
Have an awesome day! 🙂